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Day 3 – TechnoPark, Trivandrum January 7, 2011

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Role Model Visit 1:

Mr. Vijayaraghavan

Founder TechnoPark – Trivandrum

The day is 27th December, Monday. We spent the previous night in Kochuveli station’s maintenance shed, but inside our charted train. The day is warm (but very cold for a South-Indian). We left for the visit to Thanal and TechnoPark early in the morning after breakfast.
Mr. Vijayaraghavan’s speech is very inspiring, and he spoke about the challenges he faced in creating the first technology park in India. A few excerpts from his speech..

  • A politician cannot be corrupt without an official/ common man being corrupt
  • I will not be a part of the smallest part of corruption
  • In Government job, you grow the same way whether you work or don’t work
  • You must work to be the best in the world, in everything you do
  • Never be afraid to take a calculated risk
  • B Plan is important.. more important.. even for your family
  • As a part of an organization, one must be involved in everything, from the washroom to signing a cheque
  • Don’t go after a job that pays you high; Go after a job that gives you what you want to be in life
  • You can’t do service on an empty stomach
  • Benchmark – Find the Best Team – Make sure that funding is available
  • Never do any business remotely, where you are not directly involved

My next post will be a report on the inspiring speech by Mr. Jayakumar and Ms. Usha of Thanal on environment, agriculture and empowering middle India. To be continued.. 🙂



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