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Day 2 – Evening at Kochuveli, Trivandrum January 7, 2011

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We reached Kochuveli this evening (26th December, Sunday) and after a series of discussions in the AC chair car earlier that day, we visited the Veli beach. The evening sun, roaring waves, floating bridge, coconut trees.. everything made the meditation more intense. The night, until 11 pm, we spent on the platform of Kochuveli station, and we rocked the place with our shouts, songs and dance. We had Acharya Sachithananda Bharathi joining us, and had an inspiring speech on ‘spirituality’. His concept of understanding the spirit in whatever we do is very interesting and provoking.

We then had a write-up session on three topics. I think everyone must try this.

1.       Missions of my life.

2.       My expectations from Yatra (or the work you do).

3.       How will you create an impact in Middle India

I would like to share my writings on the first topic here.

I have three missions.

i.                     To live for myself

ii.                   To live for my family

iii.                  To live for my environment

I want to live the above phases of my life in the same order. My family wont be happy unless I’m having a good life for myself. I can’t work for the society as the so called ‘social worker’ unless I have worked and lived for my family. The important thing is, everyone must be living all these three phases of their life. I will share my views on the other three topics later on. Off to sleep.. Bye  🙂



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