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Day 1 – Mumbai to Trivandrum January 7, 2011

Posted by Aswin Yogesh in Uncategorized.

We spent the whole day in the train. We concentrated more on planning our activities. The thing I learnt is, there are lot other people in the world who think there are no one out there like them (weird, weirder, nerdy..) like I thought. 😛
I remember reading Swami Vivekananda saying “Give me 100 youth, I will transform India”. I always doubted it for some kind of ‘Punch Dialogue’ by Swamiji. I was wrong. It is seriously possible to change the whole nation just with 400 youngsters, starting with themselves. I salute Mr. Shashank for making this possible, and putting the 400 of us together. (nowhere else in this world can you see 400 like minded people together)



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