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Fun Building India – TJY Day-0 December 25, 2010

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Yeah! This is what we are having now. The first day on board TJY is like meditation. I don’t know where I’m headed in my search for life’s meaning.  But, I’m sure after 18 days, I will get the answer. Being among the ‘best 400’ is like a life time opportunity, an offer I cannot refuse.

The Day-0 is like a day of meditation before war. The inaugural function is attended by dignitaries like Mr. Siddarth, the creator of Surabhi (remember the old DD program!!??) and Mr. Kishore Chauker, senior manager from Tata Industries. But, the most inspiring moments are when Mr. Shashank Mani addressed the Yatris.

The role of the ‘Middle India’ and the importance of the ‘Diamond’ structure of the Indian economic system (which actually is described as a ‘pyramid’ by many others) were emphasised in his speech. I must be lucky to have got the opportunity to have a close interaction with him for almost an hour, while we were waiting for the train.
But, the most interesting of all is the ‘400’. I’m surprised and happy that I found more people of the same kind as me at the same place. And the thought that I’m going to spend the next 18 days among them guarantees that I will find ‘The Answer’.

We had a daylong session and boarded the buses to reach the ‘Lokhmanya Thilak’ station. I cannot forget the first time I saw the Train, the Hanuman who is going to carry me into my search for myself. We had a wonderful celebration of Christmas with carols on the platform at 12, midnight and left for Trivandrum.



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