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With Love, Yogesh. November 27, 2010

Posted by Aswin Yogesh in Uncategorized.
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How can something possibly go wrong if God decided to make me normal as any other Sapien. Loved the way he designed me, but with due credit to Brahma, the God of Creation, I must say that most of what you experience in me are Customized features, which I acquired over time.

This Blog (ß), is a longtime dream of mine. By ‘dream’ I mean it. Like i mentioned earlier, because that I’m just another design from Mr. B, I was lazy this long to put my dream into action. Now, sticking to my plan, let me start loading this place with stuff. I’m pretty sure everyone will find this place enjoyable and informative at the same time. Get back to me with any feedback and suggestions.

With love ♥