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Day 3 – TechnoPark, Trivandrum January 7, 2011

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Role Model Visit 1:

Mr. Vijayaraghavan

Founder TechnoPark – Trivandrum

The day is 27th December, Monday. We spent the previous night in Kochuveli station’s maintenance shed, but inside our charted train. The day is warm (but very cold for a South-Indian). We left for the visit to Thanal and TechnoPark early in the morning after breakfast.
Mr. Vijayaraghavan’s speech is very inspiring, and he spoke about the challenges he faced in creating the first technology park in India. A few excerpts from his speech..

  • A politician cannot be corrupt without an official/ common man being corrupt
  • I will not be a part of the smallest part of corruption
  • In Government job, you grow the same way whether you work or don’t work
  • You must work to be the best in the world, in everything you do
  • Never be afraid to take a calculated risk
  • B Plan is important.. more important.. even for your family
  • As a part of an organization, one must be involved in everything, from the washroom to signing a cheque
  • Don’t go after a job that pays you high; Go after a job that gives you what you want to be in life
  • You can’t do service on an empty stomach
  • Benchmark – Find the Best Team – Make sure that funding is available
  • Never do any business remotely, where you are not directly involved

My next post will be a report on the inspiring speech by Mr. Jayakumar and Ms. Usha of Thanal on environment, agriculture and empowering middle India. To be continued.. 🙂


Day 2 – Evening at Kochuveli, Trivandrum January 7, 2011

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We reached Kochuveli this evening (26th December, Sunday) and after a series of discussions in the AC chair car earlier that day, we visited the Veli beach. The evening sun, roaring waves, floating bridge, coconut trees.. everything made the meditation more intense. The night, until 11 pm, we spent on the platform of Kochuveli station, and we rocked the place with our shouts, songs and dance. We had Acharya Sachithananda Bharathi joining us, and had an inspiring speech on ‘spirituality’. His concept of understanding the spirit in whatever we do is very interesting and provoking.

We then had a write-up session on three topics. I think everyone must try this.

1.       Missions of my life.

2.       My expectations from Yatra (or the work you do).

3.       How will you create an impact in Middle India

I would like to share my writings on the first topic here.

I have three missions.

i.                     To live for myself

ii.                   To live for my family

iii.                  To live for my environment

I want to live the above phases of my life in the same order. My family wont be happy unless I’m having a good life for myself. I can’t work for the society as the so called ‘social worker’ unless I have worked and lived for my family. The important thing is, everyone must be living all these three phases of their life. I will share my views on the other three topics later on. Off to sleep.. Bye  🙂

Day 1 – Mumbai to Trivandrum January 7, 2011

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We spent the whole day in the train. We concentrated more on planning our activities. The thing I learnt is, there are lot other people in the world who think there are no one out there like them (weird, weirder, nerdy..) like I thought. 😛
I remember reading Swami Vivekananda saying “Give me 100 youth, I will transform India”. I always doubted it for some kind of ‘Punch Dialogue’ by Swamiji. I was wrong. It is seriously possible to change the whole nation just with 400 youngsters, starting with themselves. I salute Mr. Shashank for making this possible, and putting the 400 of us together. (nowhere else in this world can you see 400 like minded people together)

Fun Building India – TJY Day-0 December 25, 2010

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Yeah! This is what we are having now. The first day on board TJY is like meditation. I don’t know where I’m headed in my search for life’s meaning.  But, I’m sure after 18 days, I will get the answer. Being among the ‘best 400’ is like a life time opportunity, an offer I cannot refuse.

The Day-0 is like a day of meditation before war. The inaugural function is attended by dignitaries like Mr. Siddarth, the creator of Surabhi (remember the old DD program!!??) and Mr. Kishore Chauker, senior manager from Tata Industries. But, the most inspiring moments are when Mr. Shashank Mani addressed the Yatris.

The role of the ‘Middle India’ and the importance of the ‘Diamond’ structure of the Indian economic system (which actually is described as a ‘pyramid’ by many others) were emphasised in his speech. I must be lucky to have got the opportunity to have a close interaction with him for almost an hour, while we were waiting for the train.
But, the most interesting of all is the ‘400’. I’m surprised and happy that I found more people of the same kind as me at the same place. And the thought that I’m going to spend the next 18 days among them guarantees that I will find ‘The Answer’.

We had a daylong session and boarded the buses to reach the ‘Lokhmanya Thilak’ station. I cannot forget the first time I saw the Train, the Hanuman who is going to carry me into my search for myself. We had a wonderful celebration of Christmas with carols on the platform at 12, midnight and left for Trivandrum.

December 22, 2010

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The time has come for me to boot again…

Tata Jagriti Yatra

I will be blogging my experiences in the following days. I'm sure it will be interesting.

With Love, Yogesh. November 27, 2010

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How can something possibly go wrong if God decided to make me normal as any other Sapien. Loved the way he designed me, but with due credit to Brahma, the God of Creation, I must say that most of what you experience in me are Customized features, which I acquired over time.

This Blog (ß), is a longtime dream of mine. By ‘dream’ I mean it. Like i mentioned earlier, because that I’m just another design from Mr. B, I was lazy this long to put my dream into action. Now, sticking to my plan, let me start loading this place with stuff. I’m pretty sure everyone will find this place enjoyable and informative at the same time. Get back to me with any feedback and suggestions.

With love ♥